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January 1, 2015

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Elana Pritchard documents in drawings her recent jail experience.

image* Todd Klein on Tooth And Nail #1.

* Jude Killory would like you to know about the Best of 2014.

* this is I think a first look at Zander Cannon's next big project, which as he mentioned while in San Diego, is monster-filled.

* every cartoonist with the time should want to do this. Or every cartoonist who looks at the world like I do and has similar interests and also has the time should want to do that.

* help Drew's parents.

* I have to say, they probably should add an infographic category to the Pulitzer Prize; I just don't think they should add it to the editorial cartoon category.

* before the holidays totally roar off into the rear view window, you might check out the entirety of Boulet's advent calendar images.

* I joined some others in answering a few questions from Tim O'Shea about this year and the year forthcoming. I tried to answer them honestly. I really am excited about digging into Peter Bagge's career next year.

* finally, Charles Forsman would like to talk to you about his year, in the hope that it might improve your year.
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