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January 5, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I'm posting like two to four days ahead on Random News through the duration of the Holiday Interview Series, so you may have seen the Eisners Call For Submissions before now.

image* Noah Berlatsky on Heart Of Thomas. Joel Heng Hartse on American Elf.

* here's something that I hope people will pass around: CAKE has extended its application deadline to January 7. That's the Chicago small-press show that had a good first year last year and is moving 3500-ish north for this year's show.

* Elizabeth Allie talks to Jim Demonakos and Ron Brister.

* it's much less of a thing for comics fans, but it might be worth noting that Hugo Award nominations are open, too. They do have a graphic story category, but I don't want to conflate their importance to comics folk: mostly I thought the concurrence was interesting. Both of those awards slates tend to get announced in early April.

* this chart sounds so depressing I couldn't even read the article that spotlights it.

* new year = new Nipper.

* whoa, Marie Severin.

* this surprise Secret Acres blog entry goes to Philadelphia and writes about the experience. Or something. You get what I'm saying.

* Smile Pad 1989.

* finally, Cagle welcomes Steve Sack.
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