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January 5, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* this artist feels that there should be no fan-art drawing from professionals: art depicting characters other people own. I don't have an opinion about this. I don't begrudge people making a few bucks in a gray area; I also don't cry a lot when gray areas get shut down, if that happens.

image* A Library Girl on Wandering Son Vols. 1-5. Noah Berlatsky on Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 1.

* here's a list of 25 graphic novels written by women. There are more creators involved than get mentioned but that might be a hang-up on the writing part, I couldn't tell you. Still: solid list and reasonably wide-ranging, which in its own way is specifically hopeful.

* Johanna Draper Carlson looks at various dying media, including one that's been a major repository of comics: the print newspaper. Johanna's writing usually has a consumerist angle, and does here, noting that many newspapers are choking themselves by making decisions to raise prices -- much like home cable. It's a moving-around-of-furniture ploy. I think I might add, or at least emphasize, that part of this is the corporate nature of that business now, something wasn't true even 30 years ago. A company like Gannett, on a certain level, doesn't care about long-term profits in the same way the last generation's ownership families might have. They'll take the short-term profits, and then more short-term profits later on, and they don't mind dismantling the whole damn enterprise to get them.

* Michael Cavna wishes things for the New Year.

* Tom Beland posted a wide-ranging list of comics creators whose influences he's felt. I think this is part of a pass-along, so there are probably other lists out there for you to track down.

* finally, I enjoyed this rundown of times in X-Men stories where Colossus threw Wolverine at things (the "Fastball Special") more than I should have.
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