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January 7, 2015

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Sean Gaffney on Umineko: When They Cry Vol. 8. Abhay Khosla on The Valiant #1. Tim Hanley on Wonder Woman: The Complete Newspaper Strip.

* there's a nice write-up here about a Doonesbury cartoon that comments on the University of Virginia Rolling Stone rape story apparently completed before the magazine's commitment to the story was revoked. An alternative was offered but few papers on Doonesbury still-significant client list took the syndicate up on that offer. What was criticized, it seems, is the uses of the phrase "gang rape" as kind of a salty term with dismaying real-world implications for what some feel is appropriate to the Sunday newspaper page.

* Noah Berlatsky talks to Marguerite Van Cook and James Romberger. Karl Keily talks to Chuck Dixon. Brett White talks to Rick Remender. Carlos Abdu talks to Cameron Stewart.

* Lauren Davis on the treatment of violence in Ms. Marvel. I wish that more mainstream comics would explore broad issues like this because that's something that genre material can do very well.

* not comics: one of the things that's interesting about this critique of news coverage of Detroit's ongoing crisis as a city is that it mirrors some of the thing I frequently have about comics properties: that a step back might reveal a more natural life cycle than some enthusiastic close-up of a good moment or a bad moment.

* finally, Noah Van Sciver may have found his cover for a projected Blammo #8.5.
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