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January 8, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* figures it would be Drew Friedman that would finally nail a caricature of the notoriously difficult-to-draw Gary Groth.

* this looks like it would be fun. Laura Park is a heck of a talent.

* it's always problematic to recommend an entire story one can be certain is not owned by the person presenting it, but as these are original pages, that's another way to access this material that's a little more fair-use.

* there's an interesting discussion beginning here about the usefulness of working with a publisher over time with a work. I think there's a lot more room than there used to be for cartoonists to be the primary sellers of a book from about three months to twenty-four months after publication. I still think that means there's plenty for publishers to do.

* finally: this material shows up on-line a lot, and it's awfully pretty.
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