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January 10, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Sean Gaffney on Shigeru Mizuki's Hitler. Alec Berry on Batman: Dark Allegiances.

* here's a profile of Gene Luen Yang that spotlights his comics-making as something unique to his role as ambassador for Young People's Literature.

* not used to casting call for movies that don't involve superhero properties, but there you go with a perfectly acceptable-seeming Operation Margarine cast.

* one artist suggests maybe not sticking with a single style in order to maximize your availability for different kinds of work. That is what we call a counter-intuitive article, because conventional wisdom says develop a signature look.

* they are looking for information about page rates and the like at this site; while make that collected and collated information public.

* Cory Doctorow points out that France has exhibited a terrible record on free speech since the Charle Hebdo murders, and that that is a terrible legacy for an initial outreach post-murders which presented itself as a pro-free speech display of emotions and solidarity. I agree that they've built a terrible legacy since and that a lot of the politicians participating have had long careers of being shitty on free speech. I also don't know enough about last year's public expression to know if it was free speech driven or sympathy for the victims driven. That wouldn't matter in terms of pointing out the record now, but it would reduce some of the poison levels that come with charges of hypocrisy.

* Brian Cronin looks at an in-comic goodbye to that nice man Archie Goodwin, a titan of second-half-of-20th-Century comic books.

* finally, I haven't had the time to explore this, but apparently SAW's full in in terms of offering an on-line tutorial that does a lot of what they do in their phsyical workshops down there.
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