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January 11, 2015

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Ed Piskor shows off the cover to the third volume of his Hip Hop Family Tree, and provides its visual inspirations.

* not comics: I used a link to this Andrew Sullivan post to read up on several ideas about the death of the creative class as presented in a new book and couple of resulting thinkpieces. How best to see to it that artists get rewarded for their art to the maximum allowable extent is maybe the big mission facing all of comics now that the medium's legitimacy as a place to make art and potent entertainment has been secured.

* Becca Choules profiles Robert Duncan. Michael C. Lorah talks to Andi Watson.

* I wasn't aware Mark Verheiden was keeping a blog where he occasionally writes about comics or near-comics things.

* a story, tweeted.

* here's a profile of some of the advertisements that inspired a young Robert Crumb.

* finally, Box Brown is here to cheer us up.
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