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January 13, 2015

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Katie Skelly on In Clothes Called Fat. Johanna Draper Carlson on Monster The Perfect Edition Vols. 1-2, Words For Pictures and Prophecy Vol. 1.

* here's a link I've had in the bookmarks for a little while: new works from Chance Press. I need to do more sustained coverage of what's going on with them, so hopefully this entry will serve as a reminder for me as well.

* otbp: here's a preview for a prose book of letters that Dan Stafford did that includes correspondence with cartoonists.

* Alan Gardner caught that Recep Erdogan is going to appeal his recent court reversal and continue to seek punishment of Musa Kart for daring to draw an editorial cartoon about him. That guy's a creep, and whenever the powerful use the court to swat at someone with a different opinion, it's only slightly less terrifying than when they use more direct means of stepping in.

* Simon Hanselmann is raising money for a tour in France.

* finally, did I ever mention that Raina Telgemeier was named industry person of the year at The Beat? Did I just swallow that link? Telgemeier is totally deserving of an industry honor she gets; her numbers are astonishing, and she's all class. I was slightly intrigued by the fact that unless I missed it Bob Wayne's retirement didn't receive some consideration, due to his considerable influence on the moder direct market, but the list seems pretty widely varied.
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