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January 16, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I totally missed this 2012 sales report post from Floating World. There are some super-funny points made about what comics are worth as publishing items within a bookstore, basically that they're worth what you can sell of them whether they're by Grant Morrison or Lisa Hanawalt.

image* David Mandl on Anarchy Comics: The Complete Collection. Tucker Stone on a bunch of comics.

* I'm not sure there are ten words in a row in an article in this one that won't either a) confuse me, or b) depress me.

* not comics: Jim McCann appeared on the venerable game show The Price Is Right.

* go, look: Frederick Burr Opper on a dangerous American institution.

* Chris Arrant talks to Rafael Albuquerque. JK Parkin talks to Sam Humphries. David Anthony Kraft talks to Steve Gerber, not sure of the year.

* this DC executives interview starts out with some fun, anti-Marvel smack talk. It's amazing how quickly that crumbles, though. Still, I always laugh when someone is asked to appraise their position and then appraises someone else's.

* the new Paul Pope is previewed.

* I'm noticing a lot of care and attention in various corners of Facebook to articles like this one, about how to better actualize your dreams of becoming a working writer. I always appreciate sound advice, and the fact that comics is mostly driven by appraisals of finished work at this point as opposed to potential work is something that should every wannabe creator should know almost before they know anything. I'm a little terrified that some folks seem to actually refer to themselves as "content producers," though.

* Brigid Alverson revisits Tokyopop's OEL manga line.

* finally, this looks like a lovely rarity.
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