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January 15, 2015

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* better late than never, Axel Sever on Late Bloomer. Also, Josh Bayer on Savage Sub-Mariner #72. Greg McElhatton on Astro City #19. James Romberger on Corto Maltese. Andy Oliver on Cringe. Sean T. Collins on Worst Behavior. Tim Hanley on Wonder Woman: Bondage And Feminism.

* they're experiencing big sales on the new wave of Marvel Star Wars comics, which makes me think that they're really getting in their own way a bit long-term on the superhero comics. The Star Wars license and the Marvel superheroes license shouldn't be that far apart in terms of comic book market penetration.

* I have a bunch of links in my bookmarks folder to best-of-2014 lists and related sortings-out of the year just past that I'm no closer to getting to as unique posts so I thought I'd at least link to them here: Aaron Ragan-Fore at Eugene Weekly; John Dermot Woods at Electric Lit. Jared at OK Comics In Leeds; Kelly Thompson at Comics Should Be Good!; Rob Bricken at io9; Nick Gazin at Vice; Jed W. Harris-Keith at Freaksugar; the ComicsAlliance staff at ComicsAlliance; Joe Field at Flying Colors and Juliet at Prynette. I should work up a collective memory by 2/1.

* Dave Richards talks to Jason Aaron.

* the writer Tom Bondurant is walking through the Crisis On Infinite Earths series that is now an astounding 30 years old.

* whoa, design turnover.

* finally, you can watch Emily Flake make cartoons (sort of) three times on the first episode of the New Yorker's TV effort with
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