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January 17, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Gary Panter profiles Dick Briefer. Michael Dooley talks to Jay Kinney. J. Caleb Mozzocco talks to Roger Langridge.

* not comics: an NYC theater company is producing a show based in part on design work from Eric Shanower's Age Of Bronze series. I root for that Age Of Bronze series.

* Paul Di Filippo on This Earth And Others. Josh Flynn on Hawkeye. Rob Clough on Scrublands. Todd Klein on Dark Horse Presents #14-15, Masks #1 and The Secret Service #3-4. Don MacPherson on various comics. Grant Goggans on Bringing Up Bébé.

* an overriding comics story of the last 12 months is the perceived coarsening of DC Comics, of which this quote and the concerns driving it make for a sterling example. My first thought when I read this was an oblique one: that they may not have enough talent to cover their line in a way that suggests both stability and growth. This makes their decision-making kind of strange. I think I've been reasonably positive when it comes to things DC has done well, like developing Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire into greater assets, to say that about the talent pool without being accused of anti-company bias. I'm always happy to run dissenting opinions, too.

* I totally missed this SMMA comic. That's going to be a stone-cold terror of a book.

* reading this, I might actually suggest that there's nothing that makes Superman unique beyond that he's a powerhouse and virtuous. You can do practically anything with that combination, and writers have over the years.

* finally, Sean T. Collins works up a publications order for the Hellboy/BPRD material.
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