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January 18, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* nice article at The Beat on the latest goings-on at Platinum Studios, where the current people ostensibly in charge are trying to oust company founder Scott Rosenberg. I don't think that's as weird as the article makes it sound, actually. At any rate, that place has been something of a horror show at just about every step along the way, and the only thing that people ever got majorly wrong with any sort of point-and-shriek reporting it was in saying, as sometimes was said, that Rosenberg was super-loaded cash-wise.

One thing I'd hope would come out of something like this is that this is yet another case where people were going "this looks like bad news" and certain folks hearing that replied that this was their only/best/earliest chance to get some sort of described deal. We need to stop doing that. That response really doesn't cut it. Whenever you do business with a company that fosters dozens and dozens of people actively warning folks to be careful, you're probably going to end up screwed or partly-screwed yourself, and if you personally don't get dashed on the rocks in some way you're taking taking part in a system that is sticking it to others just like you.

image* Robin McConnell talks to Chris Wright. Tim O'Shea talks to Bryan Q. Miller. Richard Gehr talks to Jack Ziegler. Greg Hunter talks to Tom Kaczynski. JefF Pearlman talks to Derf Backderf. David L. Ulin profiles Ben Katchor.

* Manu Larcenet would like anyone voting in that Angouleme Grand Prix open voting to throw their support to his mentor, Cosey, before sending any votes his way.

* that's a decent chunk of change for a comic book.

* Graeme McMillan catches some eyeball-roll-inducing public statements from Marvel and DC.

* a quotable from Lynda Barry.

* go, look: Chris Ware on an essential science-fiction list.

* this Battling Boy preview is I think more pages than the last issue of EW I read.

* J. Caleb Mozzocco apparently carries enough of that DC One Million thing from a decade-plus ago in his head to make connections to real-world things of 2012 and I couldn't be sorrier for the man.

* look at these awesome old con photos Paul Di Filippo sent over (the link, anyway). Thing cosplay!

* Paul Gravett on the best of 2012, focusing on a lot of meagerly-discussed efforts. Don MacPherson continues his awards-organized march through the year just past.

* Legs McNeil on My Friend Dahmer. Dustin Harbin on Barrel Of Monkeys. Rob Clough on New Adventures Of Jesus. Todd Klein on Frankenstein Alive, Alive! #2. Johanna Draper Carlson on I Love Led Zeppelin. Grant Goggans on more of those Legion Of Super-Heroes comics he's been engaging.

* finally, this is a very clever giveaway idea.
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