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January 18, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* congratulations to Dan Buckley, publisher at Marvel, being named President of Marvel. I want to play catch on that one for a few days because I'm not sure who gets replaced or who doubles up on certain duties or whatever.

image* Steve Foxe on Tomie.

* this may be my favorite personal anecdote about working at Fanta as well, or at least one that's not the trash can story.

* Mark Evanier writes about comics with a quick turnaround time. His own personal involvement with one doesn't get shorter than 11 days, but that's still a short time when you think of how the bulk of labor involved with comics can't be faked. You have to kind of willfully drive around these things.

* not comics: hm.

* I can't tell if no word on the condition of the Malaysian great Lat since Monday or so is good news or bad. I think good, in terms of that one step, but the whole situation isn't ideal. All thoughts with him and his family. It's been a great part of this New Year to have an excuse to back and look at those comics, and I urge you to make Kampung Boy and Town Boy part of your collection.

* there are still a lot of comics out there I'd like to consume at a huge size. Not me, the comics. It's nice that there are format discussions some 75-plus years in, too.

* finally, John Byrne on the John Byrne Forum 4-Ever.
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