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January 19, 2015

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* CAKE is up for a grant to stream its 2015 programming. That would be nice if it happens.

image* Eric Garrison talks to Jim Woodring. Juliet Kahn talks to Jillian Tamaki. Some nice person at WFPK After Dark talks to Tony Millionaire. Hillary Brown talks to Michael DeForge. Grace Bello talks to Scott McCloud.

* now that's a redesign.

* comics keep you safe, this is a fact.

* that is indeed a sharp-lookin comic book cover, from the Daredevil team.

* C. Edwards on Massive.

* Ed Kanerva is right: this is a funny cartoon. There's a reason this one wasn't accepted by MAD, I think, but I love looking at Josh Cotter's pencils.

* not comics: Ralph Bakshi has a Facebook store.

* finally, Alex Garcia suggests that digital platforms make comic books better for everyone.
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