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January 22, 2015

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* PW provides a report on the 2014 performance of the book-distribution side of Diamond.

image* Zainab Akhtar talks to Becca Tobin. Martin Chilton profiles Mark Boxer. Zack Smith talks to Congressman John Lewis. TJ Dietsch talks to John Allison.

* Uncivilized Books has their Spring 2015 deals unfurled here for your inspection.

* big money for Tintin cover art. I'm not much for a lot of what gets sold at auction, but the rarity of this kind of piece suggests to me that the market will bear what the market will bear.

* Nate Powell and Chris Ross talk design.

* I don't all the way understand their provenance, but I'm enjoying these two-panel movie presentations that Jason and Lewis Trondheim are sharing, scattered throughout Jason's blog.

* J. Caleb Mozzocco engages with the Norm Breyfogle fundraiser, and mulls over how $200,000 is a bunch of money but on the scale of Batman isn't much in the way of money at all.

* Matthias Wivel on Charlie Hebdo #1178.

* this insert for a Paris comics shop from Guy Delisle made me laugh.

* Ben Towle picks a bunch of comics-related favorites from 2014.

* scroll down a bit at Will Dinski's blog to see a bunch of neighborhood and building drawings.

* Carla Gillis on First Year Healthy. Greg Burgas on Starman.

* finally, Darryl Cunningham explains paper cuts.
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