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January 25, 2015

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Kevin Huizenga made a comic about Twitter. All Kevin Huizenga comics are worth reading.

image* go, look: Gary Panter draws William Shakespeare.

* love this formatting.

* it's not exactly comics, but here's the first review I've read of The Diary Of A Teenage Girl, which has made an impression during its Sundance debut. It's interesting to read how matter-of-fact the reviewer is about the source material and about the film's milieu including comics without making a big deal of either.

* someone at Biowars profiles Jack Kirby.

* I can't ever figure out if these pieces are written or compiled or what, but I enjoyed reading about the sometimes-unpleasant interior lives of the Peanuts characters. The relatively complex emotional lives of the Peanuts characters is frequently cited for what made a good strip a great one, and I mostly agree with it. One thing that frequently gets left out in terms of how children read it, I think, is that there's a range of kids with similarly off-key emotions from which a kid might pick. I couldn't figure out Charlie Brown when I was six, but I sure got Linus.

* finally, the SPX tumblr freeze-frames a rolling conversation about doing on the Internet and whether or not people are recruited for paying comics jobs from there. The answer is yes.
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