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January 25, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Joe Gordon on If You Steal. Paul Tumey on White Boy. Richard Bruton on Cindy & Biscuit.

* nice New Yorker cover, John Cuneo.

* not comics: I'm old enough that another stunned young person that a big company doesn't want them making stuff with the things they own starts to grate rather than makes me mad at the company. Give me just one person saying, "Yeah, I knew it probably wasn't going to work, but I thought there'd maybe be a tiny chance of this squeaking through if it was done and they wanted to avoid the bad press of shutting me down. Anyway: please hire me!"

* that complete set of Marvel comics sold very quickly.

* Peter Kuper throws some love in the direction of Jules Feiffer. Nick Robins-Early talks to Jonathan Dumont and Joshua Dysart.

* finally, here's an entry point into an article with many photos of Neil Gaiman's library. Amy Plitt profiles Julia Wertz and her apartment.
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