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January 26, 2015

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Cole Johnson, RIP. Our condolences to his family and loved ones.

image* Todd Klein on Astro City #17. Tjeerd Royaards on Warning: Graphic Content. Oliver Sava on March Book Two. Steven Brower on The Art Of The Simon And Kirby Studio. Win Wiacek on Treasury Of Mini-Comics Vol. 2. Derek Royal on Bumf Vol. 1.

* J. Bone draws Tintin and Snowy. Creig Flessel draws an "exotic" street scene typical to the pulp era.

* behind the scenes at Saga.

* congratulations to Susan Kirtley, Brian Bendis and the other educators at Portland State University that get to teach comics within a more formal structure and framework.

* not comics: this article is making the rounds again -- at least I swear to God I've seen it before. I think we should maybe spend more time divorcing the value we place in art from any expectation it should make money, let alone generate a certain level of income. Rich relatives, grants, good day jobs, the ability to live a certain way, the ability to do art that has a commercial function: it's all a great thing. I also think that in a better world for the arts the question of providing artists a living would be a more severe one for the institutions that surround art rather than for the artists, but I'm probably pretty alone on that one.

* Calvin Reid talks to Miss Lasko-Gross. RJ Casey profiles Jean de Wet. Arun Rath talks to Nina Bunjevac.

* finally, it's not comics, but I enjoyed this R. Kikuo Johnson illustration of Jeb Bush and the other primary members of the Bush Clan. It was his holiday card image.
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