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January 27, 2015

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Abhay Khosla on The Names #1. Rich Griset on Street Angel #1.

* Kate Beaton draws Katniss and Harry Potter.

* these Gilbert Hernandez comics in Vice are weird and great. Roy 4-ever.

* comics are everywhere.

* it's weird that anyone would do sex comics under an assumed name at this late date -- unless you were Jim Davis, or that guy who does the angry conservative editorial comics -- but it's not my choice to make. The comic itself is attractive.

* not comics: here's a piece on newspaper economics, which are important because they facilitate the newspaper comic strip industry. They're not good. I'm not sure what had to be done with newspapers, but it seems like it wasn't, and I wouldn't be surprised to see one more freefall period in the next 30 months or so. Smaller.

* in case I forget to do it in the releases column the day it comes out, congratulations to Todd McFarlane on Spawn #250. That was quite the game-changing comic when it came and the degree of difficulty in transferring interest almost on a 1:1 basis from corporate characters to your own is never easy or everyone would do it.

* not comics: I'm thinking of buying one of these and doing a year's worth of cons.

* finally, Chris Pitzer is delighted to show you Sophie Goldstein's thumbnails for The Oven.
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