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January 28, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Sean Kleefeld reviews the Chicago stop for the Art Spiegelman-involved Wordless! project.

image* the Comics Alternative guys interview Isabel Greenberg.

* not comics: that's a nice-looking Laura Park t-shirt.

* love to be a fly on the wall for the comics-intensive discussions shared by those Great Men Of Pittsburgh, Tom Scioli and Ed Piskor.

* Mimi Pond's Over Easy is imminent. Speaking of imminent books, whoa, this Glenn Bray book.

* Bob Temuka writes about the Mignola-verse books, taking as his starting point a call by Mike Sterling to reboot the line. I would actually like to see some solution other than rebooting, mostly because I hope there is a solution other than rebooting. Because if there isn't, and this really the way that market works with no hope of it ever working another way, that is a weird fucking market.

* Marc Arsenault says he's unable to finish writing the PR for the opening of his brick and mortar WowCool/Alternative Comics store, but they're open and adding titles.

* I like how this series of David Collier pictures ends right before he could end up in a lot of trouble. It's like actually hanging out with Collier.

* $26K sounds about right for a Peanuts daily with Snoopy in it. It sounds on the higher end of about right, but it still sounds about right.

* Rob Clough on Weekend Alone.

* finally, what a pretty, early cover by Robert Crumb.
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