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January 28, 2015

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Colm Creamer on Nikolai Dante Volume One: The Romanov Dynasty. Nicole Rudick on The Complete Zap. Gary Tyrrell on The Sculptor.

* not comics: it looks like most big-city and university-town dwellers will have a better-than-average chance to see the film version of Diary Of A Teenage Girl. That sounds good; count me in.

* not comics: an album cover by Jaime Hernandez I hadn't seen, or have forgotten if I had.

* Matthew Badham talks to Calum Laird. Whit Taylor talks to Chuck Forsman. Janelle Asselin talks to Matt Gagnon. Andrew Yates talks to Dan Brereton.

* far too late I'm reminded that Jessica Abel does an eating guide for Angouleme.

* someday I'd like to sit down and give some serious thought to the history of gaming comics, which have to be somewhere between their 30th and 40th year at this point. They're still going strong.

* not comics: Golden Apple is included in this photo-essay of 1980s Melrose Avenue landmarks.

* finally, Eric Roesner presents the very first Yeti Press effort.
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