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February 1, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* congratulations to Riad Sattouf on his decision to accept the chevalier des arts et lettres offered to him. He promises to press for answers on the economic well-being of comics-makers, a huge topic in the French-language market and creative culture.

image* Paul O'Brien on All-New X-Men #1-3. Todd Klein on Justice League #47. Henry Chamberlain on Bernie. Michael Buntag on Ultraman Vol. 2. James Whitbrook on Old Man Logan #1. Mark Dickson on Hass #1 and After The Gold Rush #1. Andrew Weiss on World's Worst Comics Awards. Shawn Starr on Werewolf Jones And Sons.

* the late Al Hirschfeld's famous pink Harlem townhouse, where the caricaturist and comics-maker made art for something like 230 years, has been successfully turned over to the tune of several million more dollars. The mural included is pretty incredible. No word on the barber's chair, but I don't see it in any of the pictures.

* here's a nice historical article filled with wonderful names concern an early 20th Century political campaign with a cartooning element.

* Oliver Sava talks to Eric Stephenson. Brian Heater spends some anniversary time with Bill Griffith. Congratulations to Mr. Heater on his 150th show. Angela Boyle profiles a CCS-visiting Liniers.

* James Whitbrook does a deep dive into the Wonder Woman character and various re-imaginings of her secret origin.

* go here to contribute to an article naming the top 50 black creators of all time.

* Bruce Canwell dives into the rich subject of advertising for comics.

* finally, she's a cartoonist.

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