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February 1, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Eddie Campbell on Krazy. Chris Ware on Krazy Kat. Rob Salkowitz on Krazy Kat.

* your 2017 comics-category GLAAD award nominees. It's never a bad thing for people to be represented, and I get the argument that there's a crucial importance ascribed to participation in mainstream media. Still, it seems like we're in a different place in terms of what mainstream means and whether or not that representation there of a limited type is really more important than something smaller that engages with a subject more fully or more directly, that a featured character on an NCIS-type show is a bigger deal than Moonlight. That doesn't mean an awards program has to have all this figured out. Congrats to those in the running.

* Tara Marie explores the legacy of Fell.

* DC is doing another round of its talent workshops. I know people who have received work from those in a way that's led to a series of opportunities to work for that publisher. I don't know enough about that kind of work right now to know if it's a thing I can suggest people pursue, but it does seem to have allowed a few folks to meet a particular professional goal.

* Lauren Young profiles Marie Duval.

* finally, Gene Luen Yang expands Reading Without Walls.
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