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February 2, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Johanna Draper Carlson on Master Keaton Vol. 2 and Shokugeki No Soma Vols. 9-10. Sean Gaffney on orange: The Complete Collection Vol. 1. Richard Bruton on Briar. Alex Hoffman on Solanin. John Seven on Long Red Hair. Kali Kavouklis Wolf on Rosalie Lightning.

* the cartoonist Steve Bell received a death threat because of a cartoon he did recently disparaging the Danish prime minister and his political party, criticism of which was in the new because right-wing critics had argued on principle rather than content that the Danish Cartoons should be defended. It's hard to think of something coming out of this, but you never know. Labeling a cartoonist and seeking their censure nearly always has the result of people criticizing or feeling angry towards that cartoonist in a way that can lead to trouble.

* Oni hires and promotes its way to a new managing editor and a completely rebuilt PR/publicity wing for the company. I don't have any complaints about Oni Press publicity as a media member, although I suppose like most companies some continuity and as many hands on deck as possible would be most welcome. Congratulations to Andrew McIntire, Ari Yarwood and Rachel Reed. If all of those jobs were at one point listed, that would be a lot of jobs for Portland to have free. There are basically no jobs in Portland, ever.

* Rob Beschizza visits Ed Piskor in his studio. Sean Edgar talks to Thomas Desaulniers Brousseau and Simon Leclerc. Heidi MacDonald profiles Tom Hart. Martin Scholz talks to Pierre Christin.

* John Hendrick of Big Bang Comics in Dublin has written a lengthy article about how to work with Direct Market retailers if you're a comics creator. I am neither of those things, but I've seen examples of both lavishing praise on the article.

* finally, that's a great ad, and it's always interesting to see how even Fantagraphics -- the least genre-bound company of its generation -- would occasionally still figure things out through such a prism.
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