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February 5, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Todd Klein on The Wrong Earth #6.

* this sounds so wretchedly stupid and irritating/upsetting for no reason other than to irritate and upset that it's hard to believe it even exists.

* I enjoyed all of Don Simpson's essay here about the decline in staff editorial cartooning. I prefer the structural explanations over the gorging-on-Trump line of reasoning, and think the shift in cartooning when syndication hit was newspaper-wide in terms of the type of information communicated that editors suddenly valued, but we agree in broad strokes for sure. It's also nice to see that level of interest in editorial cartooning from a traditional comic-book cartoonist.

* Steve Lieber on mentoring.

* finally: @comicsreporter, RIP. The account, not me. I'm going to live to the year 2094, for one last shot at disrupting Image's historical narrative. Anyway, thanks for laughing at my dumb jokes. Sorry, everyone. We'll always have Before Watchmen.
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