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February 7, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Linus Maurer, RIP.

image* Todd Klein on Survivors' Club #4. Shawn Starr on Ding Dong Circus.

* Michael Cavna walks us through some cartoons about the first voting for what will eventually yield a new president.

* not comics: this is kind of interesting. There was an episode of the television show Agent Carter which showed the Peggy Carter character at a frivolous, less-being-awesome-all-the-time point in her life. A bunch of the reaction I've seen -- like this one -- reminds me of the old Wolverine trap, where a certain kind of fan is attached to a bunch of positives of the character in a way that anything that's a step back from that specific portrayal is criticized. That might not be what's going on here, but it sure looks similar.

* go, look: this is my kind of celebrity encounter in that it's off the beaten path and ends up embarrassing.

* Nick Hanover talks to Pete Toms. Thomas Golianopoulos profiles Rob Liefeld in an article with a strange focus on kicking Fabian Nicieza in the dick.

* not comics: here's Liefeld on securing creator credit for himself and Nicieza on the Deadpool movie, a post that seems less weirdly aggressive than the interview.

* this is a wonderful panel. I don't know if it was solid underlying craft or what, but the mid 20th Century DC Comics, particularly the Superman group, are wonderfully expressive and have a similar tone across the board, even when they're doing wildly odd stories. I like reading them now, and they were almost unreadable to me between the ages of 15 and 35. It might be a trick of curation, I'm not certain.

* finally, would that all bookstores including comic book stores have a mysterious benefactor.
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