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February 7, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Todd Klein on Doctor Fate #17. Rob Clough on comics from Breakdown Press. Joe Gordon on The Facts Of Life. Gary Tyrrell on Demon Vol. 2.

* Mark Evanier takes a question about the late, great Dan Spiegle and writes on the Golden Age generation generally. I've known far fewer of them much less well, but the broad observations seem reasonably dead-on to me.

* bundled extra: Huh. I'm still not sure why there wasn't enough juice in the Guardians concept for them to do one series and maybe a couple of spin-offs all in the space opera superhero mode of the first film.

* this looks like a really special donation.

* Robert Boyd writes about the 1990s and keeping a sketchbook.

* finally, here's a rare group interview: Luke Pearson, Philippa Rice and Jon McNaught.
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