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February 8, 2015

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Josh McCullough on Ant-Man #2.

* Sarah Larson reports at length on a Bill Kartalopoulos discussion with Richard McGuire about his book Here.

* not comics: Warren Ellis on notebooks. He is practical and I think correct.

* check out these nice drawings by EC Segar. Very charming.

* here's Dan Savage on the purported sexlessness of the Marvel movie superheroes. My memory is that those films nearly all have a bit of sex floating in the air, in different ways, so the discussion here seems to be about a general cliche of comics rather than those movies. As they note, the movie version of Tony Stark certainly has sex, but I also remember that original Spider-Man movie had at least that one sexy scene that's been parodied to death, Thor has been both sexually desirous and sexually desirable and Wolverine is played by one of the most handsome men of the modern cinematic age. There's a whole subplot in Captain America 2 that the guy needs to date. It's not exactly James Bond, but still.

* not comics: it's just writing.

* here's a profile of the only comic book store in Bangladesh.

* finally, there are a couple of nice Dave Sim drawings in this update of all things going on with that cartoonist and his various projects.
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