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February 8, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Joe Gordon on The Trouble With Women.

* that's some Daredevil commission from Gene Colan. It's strange to conceive of for a generation that wanted to know every name responsible for every comic ever made, but there's likely to be a time when some artists are remembered while so many great creators will have passed entirely from view. I wonder frequently who makes the cut.

* not comics: the pre-Rapahelites on paper. (thanks, Bob Levin)

* Gil Deacon talks to Neil Gaiman. Sloane Leong talks to Meredith Gran.

* totally missed this Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill horror anthology crowd-funder. The use of crowd-funding mechanisms by established artists is fascinating because of the amount of goodwill they usually have built up with a sizable audience before heading to a place where those things are at a premium. The publishing experience are different enough that I wonder if that's why we're not seeing people of that generation routinely using these sites and the culture that's sprung up around what seems to be each and every one.

* here's a lengthy gallery process profile featuring late-period work by Carol Tyler.

* finally, I forgot to point out this fine Jillian Tamaki illustration from a couple of weeks back.
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