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February 10, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* in an extremely unpleasant week or so of comics news, one bright spot is this well-researched and intriguing interview with Matthew Thurber.

image* Jason Sacks on Amazing Mysteries Vol. 1. Ben Schwartz on Nancy. Andrew Wheeler on The Complete Peanuts: 1981-1982. J. Caleb Mozzocco on various kids comics and various comic-book type comics he got at the store. Don MacPherson on Thief Of Thieves #1. Sean Gaffney on GTO: 14 Days In Shonan Vol. 1.

* DC presents in publicity-release fashion some of the findings from the surveys it paid for when their New 52 launched. This is sort of like trusting a middle-aged man to tell you everything the doctor told him at a yearly check-up, so I can't make a big deal of it, but it's worth reading.

* Kim Thompson reminds that you can get a Joost Swarte mini-comic if you order that Joost Swarte book directly from Fantagraphics.

* Johanna Draper Carlson picks up on two creator advice columns.

* Domino Books has your Latvian comics hook-up. Desert Island is where you need to go for the latest signed Adrian Tomine print. I still think this Gabrielle Bell poster sale represents a ridiculous bargain.

* not comics: more 1970s gaming 'zine covers posted by Mike Sterling. This PDF magazine has a cover by an interview with the great Earl Otus.

* Chris Arrant talks to Jim McCann.

* Graeme McMillan noodles around with suggestions that Marvel might bring its Captain Marvel back from the dead. Maybe Marvel can re-name him after the sound effect of smacking the nega-bands together.

* if you don't have the context to understand that attempt at a joke, I envy you.

* I'm grateful that David Brothers gives us some contextual analysis that I'm unqualified to provide over one of Dan Buckley's claims in his recent interview, that Marvel doesn't really encourage/require its readers to read comics outside of its core event series in order to get "the whole story." He thinks they very much do this.

* because it's in slideshow format I'll never read it -- all that clicking tuckers me out -- but go here for a run of superhero comics projects for which fans are still waiting. Speaking of superhero comics projects, Albert Ching talks to David Gabriel about Marvel's "Point One" program of jumping-on-point comic books.

* finally, Nate Powell drew a questionnaire.
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