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February 9, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the writer Abhay Khosla is penning four articles on the year in comics 2015. You can access them here. I'll try to respond to some of the ideas presented when I read all four essays.

image* Todd Klein on The Marvels.

* not comics: homebrew is always best.

* here's Charles Brownstein in good form on the Our Comics, Ourselves exhibit. It's always nice when Charles gets the time to write something.

* not comics: this is the second essay I've seen recently on the general subject of corporate entertainment doing away with the notion of Happily Ever After. The corporate element isn't emphasized here., although that's a big reason why we have more narratives extended to accommodate more movies, more books, more whatever. The weird thing to me is that my enjoyment of the closure provided by Return Of The Jedi or Return Of The King wasn't dependent on believing that there wouldn't be some tough times further ahead.

* Steve Lieber writes for the Comic-Con site about launching a creator-owned series.

* Brian Heater talks to Tommi Musturi, Noah Van Sciver and Derf.

* David Barnett writes about Comic Republic in Nigeria.

* finally, this comic looks potentially amazing. I have a very shallow understanding of underground comix created by women, and look forward to becoming more well-versed in that area.
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