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February 15, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Chris Butcher has posted a Fall 2011 piece about comics retailers and the current/future market for digital comics.

image* Michel Fiffe reminds us that there's a lot of crying in comics, and some of it is funny.

* Greg Burgas on Elephantmen #34-37. Don MacPherson on the first episode of Comic Book Men. Grant Goggans on Angel Zero. Kailyn Kent on Duncan The Wonder Dog.

* solving the Black Bag Mystery.

* not comics: people keep sending me this link to a piece of Enki Bilal furniture.

* Paul Gravett taps into all the comics experts he knows in different parts of the world for a round-up of notable 2011 comics done in these different places.

* Tim Caron talks about teaching Incognegro.

* Bob Temuka shows love for the digest format.

* so apparently the Punisher dies a lot.

* the writer Ed Brubaker provides some good news regarding orders for the third issue of his Fatale, with artist Sean Phillips.

* Grace Bello profiles Jessica Abel and Matt Madden. Chris Arrant talks to Cullen Bunn.

* somewhere someone is upset about this because they actually like the idea of Johnny Depp playing Captain Crunch, and they're not sure why Alan Moore has to be so snooty about it.

* here's a longish, summary article on DC's recently-announced comics initiative, including more from Alan Moore on some aspects of same. One thing I didn't write about in Sunday's summary article is how much contempt I have for the spin that this making a bunch of new comics from a successful graphic novel whose rights they own is somehow a brave move on DC's part, that they and the creators involved are really risking something by putting these comics out there. Let's leave aside the general notion that doing business as usual -- brand expansion and enhancement -- by definition isn't enough of a break with anything to qualify as brave. I think with the way PR works now, and the way most comics readers think now, and the way DC is funded, and the way they're coming off of a perceived major publishing initiative success, and the way that the exposure on a project like this is limited, and that the work itself has been weakened enough to shoulder some of the blame, I think all of that suggests this move isn't a risk at all and that it's kind of laughable to suggest otherwise. That's the most attractive art for the project I've seen yet, though.

* Graeme McMillan notes how much more interesting Wikipedia is going to make writing future comics histories.

* not comics: a bunch of comics-related opinion-offerers are suggesting that the villains in this summer's Avengers movie are basically the classic Lee-Kirby bad guy aliens the Skrulls but can't be called that because of the way some of the earlier licensing-out deals were done to various movie studios not the one (Marvel's own) making the new movie. A positive for Marvel could be that they can claim that the entire casts for their Daredevil and Fantastic Four movies were shape-shifting aliens.

* congratulations to Brian Crane for clearing the 800 client mark on Pickles.

* not comics: the second graph of this article about a Space 1999 sequel show is a pretty awesome example of old-school fanboy contempt.

* not comics: Salon claims to have found a less-is-more formula that works.

* finally, Ben Morse extols the virtues of Darkhawk.
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