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February 18, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* otbp: I didn't necessarily expect to see a new Dan O'Neill comic up for sale in 2019, but I'm glad for it.

* not comics: the story of an early Superman impersonator/embody-er person.

* I always enjoy looking at analyses of hiring patterns at the Big Two and, when they're made available, related companies. I would imagine there are plateaus involved, especially when a segment of an industry doesn't always offer jobs that are an automatic entry into middle class and the culture has elements of resistance to diversity, no matter how stupid or misguided that resistance may be.

* not comics: Alejandro Jodorowsky learned principles by which to live and wants to pass them along to you.

* what a lovely image from primetime Al Hirschfeld.

* finally, one more not comics: this seems like terrible advice to me. Let's all live sloppy, beautiful, inefficient lives.
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