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February 19, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Todd Klein on Shade The Changing Girl #3. Nick Jones on a bunch of different David Mazzucchelli books.

* Mike Lynch slams Glenn McCoy's idiotic and tone-deaf explanation for this cartoon comparing Betsy DeVos. It doesn't pass a sixth grader's logic test. Ruby Bridges wasn't being castigated for her beliefs, she was be threatened and harassed for the color of her skin. Even if those were conceptual equivalencies, the identity-based equivalency of directly contrasting a mature billionaire lurching after a position of power with pitiful results to a little girl simply trying to go to school and being dignified while doing so, that's just shameful. What a terrible, terrible, terrible cartoon.

* there are some pin-up posters floating around the Internet promoting the movie Logan; you can see the images here. I'd love to read a smart piece on why that character appeals. My theory of the comic character's appeal is that he was short and his power set directly embraced the new "realism" paradigm that settled onto a lot of fantasy literature. But the movie version gets weird. He's tall and handsome. He gets the girls instead of throwing his hospital flowers in the trash. He has always been grim and gritty so there's no juice in flipping the script on him, but there are enough characters like that -- the Punisher, Deadpool -- he doesn't seem totally unique that way, either. So what I'm left with is (Super) Man With No Name. Maybe that's the extent of it.

* finally, Drew Friedman draws Steve Bannon.
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