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February 21, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Brian Cronin digs into the Mexican Spider-Man comic not killing Gwen Stacy thing and concludes it wasn't a push-away-from-a-storyline issue but the publisher doing new material to extend its reprint options. That's still super-interesting.

image* Austin Price on Bloodborne: The Death Of Sleep. Jason Fleece on Lonestar.

* Gary Tyrrell writes about Lucy Knisley's latest tour, which I put here in part to remind myself to check if I covered it on this site.

* there are several ways to read this cartoon; they are all depressing.

* I'm told Non Sequitur may have lost more papers for the Fuck Trump flourish than any single one-day circumstance driving cancellations. This article suggests a slow-down on papers throwing in the towel. Wiley Miller is more prepared than most to manage a giant bloodletting like this one, but it can't be easy.

* festivals extra: SPX will end this year's table lottery on the 25th.

* finally: cartoonists remember Gérard Vandenbroucke.
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