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March 1, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* you could do much, much worse than kicking off your week with this really fun post from Ken Parille about the formal techniques brought to bear on a page from a classic Casper comic book.

image* a lengthy round-table conversation on the Ariel Schrag book Likewise, including a response from the cartoonist, can be found here.

* how comics folk draw themselves.

* Paul Di Filippo rolls out a theory as to where Sgt. Rock came from -- at least the name. I haven't heard anything about this before. Does anyone out there know if this is a possibility. Bill?

* out of nowhere swoops a nice, short interview with Dunja Jankovic.

* I agree that this is awesome.

* I thought this note from Chris Butcher on the Nick Simmons thing made perfect sense even if it's not the point you might choose to emphasize at that particular time, but on an Internet trained like so many Mindless Ones in the single debating technique of maximize the other guy's argument and re-apply it as if you haven't changed a thing, Butcher has to explain himself.

* this slideshow of monsters drawn by Evan Dorkin is fun.

* finally, Michael Cavna catches a couple of things on that twin million-dollar Superman/Batman comic book sale orgy last week that I didn't, likely because for some reason I kept being gripped by the urge to vomit: this should be a boost for a) older, iconic comics of this type, b) this should be an even bigger boost for such comics that are certified as "graded" at a certain level of quality. In fact, I'd say that was a huge, twin victory for the grading people.
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