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March 2, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Jeffrey Trexler has some fun with making connections between Daniel Petrocelli and various goings-on at Time Warner in the past, including a fight on behalf of legal difficulties facing a newer entertainment icon important to the company.

image* Marc Sobel pipes up on The Art Of Jaime Hernandez, which means I get to post a piece of Jaime's art.

* a few bigger-than-usual convention news items of interest. First, Fantagraphics will exhibit at this year's TCAF, although I'm told that Eric Reynolds will not be repping the company at the show. I'm sure it will be someone good. They'll get to hang out with Jim Woodring and Ho Che Anderson at the very least. Second, longtime TCAF exhibitor Drawn and Quarterly will apparently have a small army of talent at that show. Third, Brian Heater presents what looks like a super-solid slate of programming for the upcoming MoCCA Festival.

* not comics: there's something highly amusing about this video of Whitney Matheson wearing an Iron Man helmet and chest light, probably in that you expect her to fall over.

* Johanna Draper Carlson offers up a big post on graphic novels for kids, looking at a bunch of stuff I've barely even heard of.

* finally, this "how cartoonists picture themselves" post reminds me of the only "Viva La Comix" feature I ever killed at TCJ for being too cruel: a group of my high school classmates voting "uglier/the same/better-looking" on that generation of autobiographical cartoonists and their cartoon versions. Ask me about that one if we ever meet in person.
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