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March 3, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Marvel is apparently once again killing its popular character Silhouette Man.

image* here's a rare review for Darryl Cunningham's other ongoing project, The Streets Of San Diablo.

* Richard Thompson wishes a happy birthday to Ronald Searle.

* the hits keep a-comin' at the Drawn and Quarterly comics playhouse with a copy of Miss Peach.

* this made me laugh.

* I did my own list of 75 books you should own for DC's 75th anniversary, but it ended up just being a list of every comic in which Mr. Tawky Tawny appears.

* that Jeff Smith documentary The Cartoonist continues its intermittent cross-country roll-out with a few dates and times on Chicago PBS stations. If you're a fan of Smith's, you need to see it.

* Nick Mullins discusses a few of the more fascinating parts of that recent Dylan Horrocks interview.

* finally, I can't tell if this is the best picture of Charles Burns ever, or the best picture of anyone ever.
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