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March 5, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Alex Hoffman on Chicken Boy.

* by request extra: this family of an ECCC attendee that suffered a massive health setback could use some help.

* one shouldn't like readers' polls applied to the comics of any kind, let alone the editorial cartoonist position, because editors should suck it up and do their job, but I have to admit it was compelling enough as presented here to make me read the whole article and look at each example.

* Miles Klee walks through several webcomics and a few strip comics according to a theory that there's a bad-art aesthetic of particular relevance to webcomics-making. It's written as if to piss people off, and it might, but the overall theory at work isn't well-developed so the whole thing feels a bit scattered and weak.

* I think I'd like to know a lot more about Prince Philip's cartoon collection.

* Humberto J. Rocha profiles Emily Sauter. Twenty-five years ago we'd have had a syndicated comic strip from Sauter about beer. Philip Kronk profiles Oliver Harrington.

* finally: Moms are the best.
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