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March 6, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* John Seven on a selection of different comics.

* I have a hard time giving two fucks about corporate comic book storylines, and more generally characters that outlive their creators. That said, all this Nazi stuff in the Marvel comics that have Captain America as a focus fascinates me because a lot of it seems to be a ramping up of the expectations of the audience in terms of how their favorites should behave. Even ten years ago fans this kind of working against the grain of a character's core identity was cause for distress of the kind that led people to buy more comics. Now it's much more intense, and the attention given these characters in the real world comes into play. I think this the kind of devotion companies like that want from fans of their characters; the companies just aren't ready for the consequences.

* James Kaplan picks 25 great Image comics covering 25 years. It's not my list, but there are some fine pulpy adventure tales on here.

* not comics: I enjoy Michael Cavna's writing generally and appreciated reading what he thought about the new Wolverine movie, but genre bias is such an ancient topic that I honestly didn't know people still thought that way. I liked Logan just fine, too.

* finally: we love you, too, Bully.
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