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March 8, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Bhob Stewart has a nice post up on the current state of Winsor McCay's New York home.

image* Burne Hogarth on Hal Foster. Doesn't that look like the Valiant family Christmas card? I can imagine that image sitting on Gawain's mantle.

* the comics category of the GeekDad Awards brings you all the comics out there from A to lower-case a.

* this weekly summary of goings-on in the manga world will take you to a heated discussion of scanlations, while also providing you with some of the context necessary to understand that discussion.

* I don't understand this, but it looks like Marvel is doing a 1970s soap opera Captain America comic strip?

* I don't know, Dirk, the minute I'm bullet-proof and able to lift a small car over my head I'm naked for the duration.

* not comics: these kinds of things make my head hurts and I tend to think of the issues involved in terms of creators' rights rather than in terms of optimal outcomes, but here's a post about some data saying e-books have boosted sales.

* so I guess there was a Diamond glitch-driven fire sale for certain over-sized editions at over the weekend? This kind of thing happens every now and then -- like when someone screws up code, or when someone wants to burn through certain kinds of product. Even when it's a mistake, they tend to honor sales but only until on-hand inventory is gone. I missed out on this one.

* finally, Frank Santoro plays the Disney comics version of "What If?"
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