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March 8, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Scott Edelman has a Marvel memo that indicates Jim Shooter resigned from Marvel at a mid-'70s time that I take it from what he writes that no one who knows that era can immediately remember his resigning from Marvel.

image* one thing that I hope didn't go unnoticed with the re-launch is that several quality articles have gone up. The primary object of my attention yesterday was the great Bob Levin's article on the Frazetta art imbroglio, which provides a sharp contrast between the vigor of the late artist's most famous painting and how adding mortality to the equation changes the way we look at them. The completely under-utilized resource Patrick Rosenkranz writes about autobiographical comics here. Don't ignore the first entry in Vanessa Davis' diary, which is every bit as funny as some of her comics.

* not comics: I'm not sure anyone has answered whether it's Cary Elwes or Fat Cary Elwes that's joined the Wonder Woman TV show cast. I figure the former; hope for the latter. I love Fat Cary Elwes.

* another episode of Super-Critic Team-Up with Sean Witzke and Matt Seneca, this time with a focus on Elektra: Assassin.

* Tom Richmond talks about his NCS poster with Michael Cavna. Richard Thompson -- featured in the image -- talks about that same poster.

* Chris Oliveros congratulates R.O. Blechman on the occasion of his being named this year's Caniff Award winner by the National Cartoonists Society.

* Ben Towle remembers the TCJ Message Board with kinder words than I was able to muster. I would imagine that distance from the board and the times spent there will cast the whole thing into a kinder light for many folks. For me, for now, just thinking about that places brings on a headache.

* Paul Gravett profiles Milo Manara.

* Tom Gammill at CCS.

* finally, here's a nice-looking IWW poster by Eric Drooker. Not comics, but certainly of the time.
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