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March 9, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the writer and critic Douglas Wolk has a nice post here about how even a relatively minor "event" going off the rails even a few week publishing schedule-wise can have a dramatic effect for weeks on an entire line. Hopefully some retailer will take Wolk upon on his offer to discuss the potential impact on sales. The sarcastic replies from fans already settling into that comments section probably isn't comprehensive enough for the snark to be termed a cogent, general response, but a general distrust and disdain of publishing initiative sure is part of how fans look at stuff like this.

image* something about this article on North Korean comics made me feel I had read the same profile or one like it before, but I can't imagine that's true. At worst, here's another long article about North Korean comics. (thanks, Robert Boyd)

* I hate to say it, but I don't really understand responding to a list of moments with a list of comics. It just somehow doesn't seem right to kneecap some guy for not being rigorous with his language and standards with a cross-standard tire iron.

* not comics: no Edward Woodward at the Oscars' death montage? That show is gross, and I don't understand why so many folks watch it. The sad thing is that fans are probably complaining about the exclusion of someone else, someone really goofy but with a higher pop-culture profile.

* J. Caleb Mozzocco asks if Marvel's Girl Comics isn't awesome, does it do more harm than good? This is a fascinating question on certain levels, I think everyone knows the balance of reviews on nearly every comic with a lot of creators on it and a lot of publicity surrounding what it's trying to do is probably going to skew positive. There just aren't a lot of negative reviews out there, period. It's also just a good, direct question. I actually don't think a not-good comic designed to get a certain set of people working is 100 percent a bad thing because the ultimate goal is to continue working with that group of people, if that makes any sense. Above and beyond a certain level of professional quality, the more relevant success/failure is in how many talents in that anthology are working five years from now, not how many appear ready to work to a certain level of quality right this instant.

* here's a long article on the political leanings of superheroes. I barely scanned it, as it's not the kind of inquiry that interests me in either direction, but I'm sure some folks will rub their hands with glee over the thoughts of digging into something like this.

* great headline and an array of thoughtful answers to some boiler-plate questions.

* killing babies.

* finally, this is the comic geek's equivalent of waking up and being covered in blood. This is the comic geek's equivalent of a Vegas story.
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