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March 9, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* if it's before Noon ET when you're reading this, they open up the San Diego hotel reservation later today. If it's ten minutes after Noon ET, sorry, they're all sold out.

image* well, at least my dog isn't dead: I totally missed while linking to it yesterday that the profile of the great Sam Gross at The Comics Journal was actually an interview with the very funny cartoonist.

* not comics: R. Fiore reviews The Illusionist.

* two hints about that hotel reservation thing. 1) Go through that first link, find the hotel list and make a list 1-20 of the hotels you'd like to stay in -- that's what you'll be asked to do once in the process. 2) download explorer if you don't use it. I'm sure it's become better but for years the travel agency CCI has used had a hard time with many of the browsers out there. It's probably changed, but why risk it? Also remember that they're supposedly taking one day's deposit immediately, so reserve more than one room at your own wallet-related risk.

* in the continuing quest to find a price point of maximum effectiveness, Viz drops prices on digital editions for March.

* Chris Sims profiles the Red Hulk comics being done by Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman. As is usually the case, Chris is right: making the character's arch-enemy the Watcher is pretty damn funny.

* Ryan Cecil Smith is hard at work.

* here's a not-comics treat: John Porcellino walks around Denver and shows us the sights via photograph and prose. Denver fascinates me because we used to go into the train station when I was a kid and the town was like a zombie-movie set, just with bums instead of zombies. Now it's one of those modern, revived downtowns.

* finally, enjoy this handy beginners' guide to the craziness that is Batman: Odyssey, the "are you reading this?" e-mail generator of the year.
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