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March 10, 2009

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* our condolences to Neil Gaiman on his personal loss and our thoughts and prayers are with the ailing Al Feldstein and his affected loved ones.

image* the writer Jeffrey Klaehn re-presents some of his retailer panel discussion from I think Fall 2008. There seems to be a ton of good stuff in there, including a brief history of the Direct Market. I can't get this link to load, but it was there yesterday so maybe it comes back. Its explanation of the essential problems facing prose book publishing seemed to be a lot like the roundtable's explanation of basic Direct Market issues.

* not comics: if I'm reading this correctly, Marjane Satrapi will be providing art for the cover of Iggy Pop's next album.

* the Penny Arcade guys were recognized by the Washington state legislature by a proclamation celebrating their fine charity work.

* finally, the writer Valerie D'Orazio and her readers have begun tallying the number of women working in comics by listing those with work coming out in a two-month window. I did something similar years ago -- I might have gone a bit wider than these folks will go -- and I had a similar reaction to many of the folks participating this time: not as many as I'd hoped but definitely more than I'd thought.
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