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March 10, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I really wasn't expecting to stop by Blog Flume and see a review of Girl Comics #1.

image* another reader-directed interview with Marvel's Tom Brevoort mentions that they've actually spoken with the Fu Manchu rights holders about maybe eventually doing something with those Master Of Kung Fu comics collection-wise, although there's nothing concrete or timely to report.

* Gary Groth writes about Norman Pettingill.

* Alan Gardner takes more than the usual delight in saying an early goodbye to Internet instigator Bad Cartoonist.

* the great Ron Rege, Jr. is selling some drawings of his he found for $40 each. Way better than 800 pages of Secret Wars II for $8.

* finally, I don't do that well with keeping up with multiple-part interviews -- frankly, I hate 'em 90 percent of the time -- but it looks like Fantagraphics is celebrating its manga line in part by re-running Matt Thorn's Moto Hagio interview from the Journal a few years back. So you might want to track that if you're a fan or just inquisitive. I remember that being a good piece.
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