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March 10, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Scott Edelman finds a memo that provides Stan Lee's view of panels at 1970s conventions: include artists, employ engaging moderators, no use of the word "horror."

image* the cartoonist Roger Langridge posts some orphaned pages from his work on the Muppet franchise completed before that license and others under the Disney umbrella were switched from BOOM! to Marvel.

* the writer Jason Aaron talks about good days and bad.

* this well-traveled Squidface And The Meddler link takes you about as pretty an interview as I've ever seen, with the artist/cartoonist Jesse Jacobs.

* whenever I see cartoons about gas prices, I'm always reminded of that great Tom Toles cartoon where a group of people are expressing all sorts of moderate opinions about the USA's involvement in the middle east when the question suddenly becomes something like "how many non-US citizens are you willing to see die for cheap gas" and the answer suddenly becomes "all of them." I'm probably not remembering that all the way correctly, though.

* I always liked this P. Craig Russell piece.

* buy an entire issue's worth of flats from The Comics Journal. That red stuff is called rubylith, incidentally.

* not comics: Newsarama talks to filmmaker Maria Cabardo about her documentary film on Jeffrey Jones.

* could more DC book cancellations be imminent? Applying the First Wave standard to the entire line, Chris Arrant asks the question.

* The Center For Cartoon Studies has launched a blog devoted to visiting cartoonists.

* finally, I hate to say it, but I've read Amazing Fantasy #15. It's pretty good, but maybe not million-dollar good.
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