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March 11, 2009

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* that is one handsome Lex Luthor.

image* the critics Sean T. Collins and Dick Hyacinth discuss Black Hole.

* burgeoning entertainment giant Marvel names a global advisory board. I guess that's good news for them, although I'm always a little suspicious of Marvel moves above the publishing and production levels because it always seems to end up with these businessmen making tons and tons of direct cash that one can't help but think might in some ways better serve the company were it going to the talent and, of course, provide greater service to the moral balance of the universe if it were going to things like health care and/or an overture or appreciation to various creators and their families. I know that makes me sound like "the guy you don't want to sit next to at the Eisners," though.

* an explosion of posts on the Drawn & Quarterly blog yesterday debated the relative stylishness/attractiveness of various cartoonists: Doug Wright, John Stanley, Peter Arno, Don Freeman and Crockett Johnson. The winner was declared to be the lovely Lily Renee Philips. Does this guy qualify?

* not comics: the retailer Brian Hibbs has stopped watching the television show Heroes because of its comic book shop scenes. I'm not a fan of the show or a viewer, but it seems like there's always been a tension with that program between appealing to hardcore comics readers and exhibiting a slight degree of contempt for them, no matter where their intentions lie.

* finally, the blogger and writer Kevin Church has posted another of his odd panels-out-of-context offerings, this one featuring a shirtless and impressively buff Mr. Fantastic. One of the odder things about Marvel Comics when I was a kid was how they kept insisting this largely unpleasant scientist guy with rubber superpowers was one of the most impressive and flat-out wonderful people on the planet. This just didn't scan for eight-year-old me. If you go back and read the Lee/Kirby issues he's pushed with almost Greg Gagne intensity, to the point that the other teammates at times invoke his name simply for the awesomeness of being reminded of the guy.
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