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March 11, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Douglas Wolk has some cogent analysis here of J. Michael Straczynski being named Superman and Wonder Woman writer. He notes that 1) JMS hasn't exactly set the sales charts on fire with his DC work, 2) he seems to like Superman a lot and Wonder Woman kind of, sort of, 3) he's had some issues getting work out on time. Should be interesting to see what happens. Poor Wonder Woman.

image* I sure did not expect to open up CBR and see an interview with Darryl Cunningham.

* Frank Santoro asks why more of the 1970s mainstream superstars don't do longform work. It's an interesting, but I honestly think it's probably just not a financial arrangement that works for most of those artists, writers and cartoonists. At any rate, BWS and Walt Simonson are working on longform works, and although he's of a previous generation Joe Kubert seems reasonably comfortable working in longer increments.

* not comics: yeah, this is pretty much why I don't care for on-line communities. There's a sweet spot in there where people are being nice to each before they get all self-referential, but it never lasts for more than a few months.

* this made me laugh.

* Mark Siegel talks a bit -- just a bit -- about First Second's plans to publish some of their works as webcomics in advance of graphic novels.

* not comics: the artist and industry advocate Lea Hernandez is essentially rebooting her life. She talks about it here and provides links and suggestions if you're inclined to lend her a hand in some way.

* finally, it's all over except the complaining. Johanna Draper Carlson looks at the pricing glitch story one more time. Apparently, because isn't run by lunatics, they have retained the right to not send people books when a glitch lists their prices at a ridiculous level. This won't fly in nerd court, however.
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