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March 11, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* wait, whoa, what? Ronald Searle mini-comics?

image* please do whatever is necessary to help convince Darryl Cunningham to start selling prints of his work, including his great cityscapes. I've seen some prototypes of what this kind of thing might look like, and they're very nice. In fact, I'd love to see Cunningham get commissioned to do this kind of thing for certain town or even various comic conventions.

* a nice honor to the writer Pat Mills.

* Jimmy Beaulieu makes an appearance over at Inkstuds. Suddenly Something Happened was one of the two or three most ignored comics that came out last year, with visual flair to burn.

* not comics: Van Halen seems like the hardest of all the rock bands to figure out in terms of some basic historical legacy, some go-to conception of what they did and what of them a fan today might be asked to carry around. They're the most disposable of all the really popular rock bands, and the most active in altering their trajectory in a way that causes a real break from the work that made them really popular and the work they made once they got there. Fun shows when you were a kid, though.

* nice to see the CBLDF interview one of comics most passionate volunteers, Pam Noles.

* a bunch of Bill Everett work goes up at Blake Bell's place.

* I like the looks of this cover for a Marvel mega-event tie-in starring Howard the Duck.

* Peggy Burns fully endorses the new Comics Journal. As does Christopher Allen.

* Alan Gardner notes that Team Cul De Sac art is beginning to roll in. In cased you missed it, Team Cul De Sac is the Richard Thompson-related effort to raise money to fight Parkinson's Disease.

* the prolific cartoonist Rina Piccolo offers up a "Dear Disgruntled Reader" letter template for your commentary.

* this is fun: on the occasion of artist Guy Davis' departure from the B.P.R.D. books, Sean Collins pulls out seven memorable moments from the comics Davis did.

* finally, this list of comics stores owned by publishers is fun even though it misses Librairie D+Q.
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